Superman charging his laser

Why I’m writing this blog

My apologies if this post lacks the super clarity that future ones will. I went around my room pretending to kick things like Jean Claude Van Damn as opposed to actually writing a plan on what I want to say.

Oh well: Here goes.

So why am I actually writing this blog?

I’ve already mentioned the fact that personal branding is gonna be everything in the future. The CV or resumé is dying. In its place people are asking for examples of previous work, or Press Releases of projects you’ve worked on. In 15 years time, I can’t see a personal blog being evaded from assessing a person’s prospects. I’m not talking about working for corporations, I’m talking about working for companies that actually have souls and that you want to work in.

The personal blog is going to be the new business card. That is my prediction. And I don’t want to miss out.

However a super duper more pressing reason I’m writing in this thing is that of accountability. I want to hold myself accountable for the crazy path I’m going to take down. You see saying I’m going to start a business is probably going to keep me in the dreamland that I like to live in. In this dreamland, I can not only fly and shoot laser beams from my eyes. But I am also be super productive and do whatever I’m going to say I do. All the hard work is minimised with a montage to an inspirational song like Push it to the Limit in Scarface.

Superman charging his laser
Me in my dream world

However I don’t live in this dreamland. I live in the real world. I didn’t get a choice like Neo to take the red or blue pill. This world is real. And results only happen after effective and consistent actions. The only way to become consistent is to generate habits. A great way to force yourself to be consistent is to let the entire world know your doing something. Stealth mode is dead. The new way of doing things is notifying everyone.

Well…not everyone. I still do like my social life without awkward questions like ‘So Heasman, how’s that business thing of yours going? [Insert common doubting message here]’. Hence instead I’ll detail my exploits here. By publishing it to the web, I can be held accountable. I did say I was going to do x. Hence I should do x. Knowing that the most respected trait of an entrepreneur is that of execution, this will hopefully make me learn how to execute.

There. The reason I’m writing in this blog. The reason the future posts are going to be damn detailed, and maybe nude. Well…probably not nude.

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