Sad Summy

My Manifest Destiny to rule the world…or Hello World

Hello there!

This shall be my blog of THE HEASMAN dot com. I used to write on tumblr but I decided I needed a real blawg (you can find my tumblr here.)

I hadn’t yet started this because I used to wonder “Why should I bother? The people who have the best blogs are the ones who started around 2005.” Unfortunately I couldn’t start blogging in 2005 because I was 15 years old. And my biggest worries at that age were….whatever 15 year olds worry about. Y’know…. TV, girls, video games… that sorta stuff.

SO, there I was thinking:

“Shit. I need to get on this…But there’s no point”.

Sad Summy

sad summy is sad

But AHA! There is a point. I need a personal brand. In the age of the internet I do not want to be the dinosaur who is watching the impending asteroid of a forgotten identity crash into the world. And I’m going to rule this world. Surely the Earth needs a chronicle of how this is done?

So what is this blog actually going to be about?

I intend to chronicle my path to being an absolute BILLIONAIRE. (Well you gotta shoot for the moon. But worry not, my goals are not completely wealth based. I got plans for that money. Big plans.)

But I know its not going to be easy. It’s going to be a haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard road. A road involving slaying flying lions and dragons. (In metaphorical terms of course.)

Why am I doing this? Well firstly I need something out there on the internet that is mine. But also that this whole Entrepreneurship stuff…. is hard. I know this because I haven’t yet done it. I mean I have some very shallow experiences with the whole hustle game which I’ll detail in another post.


I decided I was going to round off this post by talking about why I’m actually so AWESOME.

Initially I’m going to say why I’m so awesome because I’m mixed race and the future Genetic Template of Humanity.

Deal with it.

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